How to Start An Avocado from A Pit


  • 4 tooth picks
  • 1 avocado pit from mature fruit
  • small dish
  • soil
  • medium size pot (needed later for transplanting)
  • patience


  • 1 avocado sapling


  1. Wash the pit thoroughly.
  2. Insert the tooth picks in a “X” like pattern angling with the back of the tooth pick slightly towards the top (the pointy part)
  3. Place this apparatus in the small dish. It should look like this: avocado set-up
  4. Fill the dish with cold water half way up the pit.  Make sure to replace the water once a day.
  5. Soon the pit should start to crack, and a bit later a root should emerge from the bottom.  A small sprout will emerge from the top of the pit.  When your tree is maybe 7-8 inches tall, nip off the top few leaves. (That’s right…pinch them off. It will encourage growth and help the tree branch out.)  Fill your pot that you took out earlier and fill it with soil.  Dig a hole in the soil that is about the same depth as the plants root system.  Place the plant in the hole holding the pit at the level of the other soil and fill the hole in.  You now have an avocado plant!

avocado plant

Good luck!